What Google and kindergarten can teach us about leadership

Jul 27, 2017

The Tennessean

TENNESSEE – Bethel (Bo) Thomas, Ph.D., was the VP for Advancement at Belmont University and now has an organizational consulting business in Memphis. In this recent op-ed, Thomas asserts that both Google and his grandson’s Leader in Me school are outstanding examples of leadership. He compares the leadership skills found at Google, namely creating a safe, inclusive, and collaborative work environment, to the skills demonstrated within his grandson’s elementary school.

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Former Cyclone Matt Thomas Holds First Basketball Camp

Jul 25, 2017 – NBC 13

NORWALK, IA – Former Iowa State basketball star, Matt Thomas, came to Lakewood Elementary School to put on a basketball camp before heading off to Europe to start his career. Matt had heard that Lakewood was part of the Leader in Me process and wanted to give back to it. He plans on giving all of the proceeds from his basketball camp to help fund the process for the school.

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Cubby Goes to College: Crab Orchard students reach out to schools nationwide

Jul 20, 2017

The Interior Journal

STANFORD, KY – Crab Orchard Elementary School students are reaching out to colleges across the country to obtain information about their programs. As a Leader in Me school, students learn principles to help them become successful leaders, and this is a way they are putting that knowledge to practice. After writing, the students received information back from Yale, Stanford, Lindsey Wilson, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, and Florida State.

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St. Basil to Become ‘The Leader in Me’ School

Jun 27, 2017

Sault Online

ONTARIO, CA – The newest elementary school in the Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma School District, will also become the first Leader in Me school in the district. St. Basil Catholic Elementary School will start the Leader in Me process when school starts in the fall. The process teaches students soft skills like, goal-setting, planning, working in groups, etc. to help students learn how to become leaders and develop good habits.

Principal Fil Lettieri said, “In the preliminary training that staff has received, I have already seen a transformation and what this program can accomplish… For St. Basil, The Leader in Me program is an opportunity to create an identity for a new school right from opening day.”

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Sustaining a pathway to success

Jun 15, 2017

Grosse Pointe News

GROSSE POINTE, MI – At Poupard Elementary’s Leadership Day, Principal Penny Stocks described how Leader in Me has taken the school from being one of Michigan’s lowest ranking schools, to now being ranked in the top five percent. Sean Covey, co-author of The Leader in Me says that the goal is to teach leadership skills to students so that all can become leaders. Poupard Elementary is seeing that happen.

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“Leader in Me” To Begin at Mills River and Upward Elementary Schools

Jun 15, 2017


HENDERSONVILLE, NC – FranklinCovey’s Leader in Me process will start for the first time at Mills River and Upward Elementary Schools this upcoming year thanks to kind donors who want to see students succeed.

“As a business owner, The Leader in Me program reinforces and teaches soft skills such as accountability, reliability and time management – traits we look for in all of our employees,” said Dan Poeta, owner of Horizon Heating and Air. “I am honored to invest in a program that merges education, leadership and workforce development.”

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Column: Leader In Me reaps results, develops future talent

Jun 11, 2017

HICKORY, NC – Knowing the right skillsets needed for a particular job can be difficult. Many businesses say that soft skills like team work, problem solving, planning, etc. are more important than technical skills. These soft skills are the ones that students in the Iredell-Statesville Schools are learning through the Leader in Me process. Students have been improving, and there are stats to back it up.

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At PS 39, students learn to be leaders and change makers

Jun 11, 2017

Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – If you were an elementary school student, would you give up recess every Friday to plan community service events? The PS 39 Elementary School’s Leaders in Training Club does it. This is just one of the ways these students are learning leadership and life habits based from Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids, which is part of the Leader in Me process.

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JL Bowler developing great leaders

Jun 7, 2017

Mesquite Local News

MESQUITE, NV – Like hundreds of other schools around the country, JL Bowler Elementary participated in the Leader in Me this year for the first time. Being part of this school transformation process, students demonstrated their leadership habits that they have learned during the school year.

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Jefferson School Students Host Leadership Day

Jun 2, 2017

Tap into Union

UNION, NJ – For its second straight year, Jefferson School held its annual Leadership Day, which is part of the Leader in Me process. Parents and school guests were taken around the school to see what students had learned throughout the year.

Joshua Forest (a student) said, “My favorite part of Leadership Day was seeing the face on the adults when they saw the student presentation stations and I also liked the Leadership Day performances.  This day is very unique because the students run the day.  This made me feel great and empowered!”

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Leaders in Barren: Local educators contribute to 'The Leader in Me' curriculum

May 26, 2017

Glasgow Daily Times

GLASGOW, KY – Teachers in Kentucky were presented with an opportunity to make the Leader in Me better suited to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Three Kentucky teachers used their expertise in teaching to build differentiated learning options into Leader in Me lessons, in the end, creating something better and something they will continue to use in their own class rooms.

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May 26, 2017

The Register Herald

BECKLEY, WV – The atmosphere at Cranberry-Prosperity Elementary three years ago could have been described as cold and unwelcoming. In the time since then it would be impossible to label the school that way. Following the implementation of the Leader in Me, the culture has undergone a tremendous reformation. Reduced discipline referrals, a cohesive staff and a student body who own their learning are all marks of the work the school has done through the implementation of the Leader in Me.

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Leadership skills boost kids’ behavior, success

May 25, 2017

The Wrangler News

CHANDLER, AZ – As Kyrene de la Mirada joined over 250 other schools who have achieved the Leader in Me Lighthouse milestone, teachers are noticing a shift in their students. Principal Nancy Branch says students are actively engaged in goal setting, data tracking and learning the value of leadership roles. The Leader in Me is helping students realize the great things they can do in life.

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Nutter Fort Primary students share knowledge, accomplishments in Leadership Day

May 19, 2017

The Exponent Telegram

NUTTER FORT, WV – Embracing differences and finding your voice are important elements of the Leader in Me process, and at Nutter Fort Primary in West Virginia, students have been able to join various clubs and make connections with classmates to put those important elements into practice. Students are also using the Leader in Me to set and track academic goals. As the school year came to a close the school gathered for a leadership event to demonstrate their skills in personal leadership.

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Leadership Day showcases QJHS students

May 19, 2017

The Herald-Whig

QUINCY, IL – It was with a distinct purpose that Quincy Junior High School opted to engage the Leader in Me process. Understanding that their students would utilize leadership skills in their future, QJHS is seizing the opportunities and skills available through implementation of the Leader in Me. Their recent leadership event was a prime platform for the demonstration of the skills they have learned and an example of the positive influence those skills are having.

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Concord's Ox Bow Elementary hosts VIP Leadership Day to highlight student leaders

May 19, 2017

The Elkhart Truth

ELKHART, IN – Students and staff at Concord Ox Bow Elementary are attacking their leadership learning with vigor. Their first leadership event was a tremendous success. But why the need for the Leader in Me? Principal Kent Myers explained, “We’re providing leadership opportunities for kids because we know that the more that kids are in charge of their own learning, the better they are going to learn.”

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Parris South Elementary leads state in 'Leader in Me' program

May 18, 2017

The Courier

SAVANNAH, TN – Parris South Elementary has been recognized as the first Leader in Me Lighthouse school in the state of Tennessee. The school held a celebratory assembly where they were congratulated by county director of schools, Michael Davis and principal Mitzi Baker. State representative David Byrd and Hardin County Mayor Kevin Davis were also in attendance. Country music artist Darryl Worley sent a special video message to the school to recognize the occasion. The Darryl Worley Foundation has been financially supportive of the efforts around the Leader in Me at Parris.

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Students show their leadership abilities at Oakfield-Alabama

May 17, 2017

The Daily News

OAKFIELD, NY – Oakfield-Alabama Elementary recently held a leadership event, their second in as many years. Using art and their talents, students and staff demonstrated to visiting parents the many leadership skills they have learned through the Leader in Me.

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Bottle caps to benches: Glenn Marshall students turn trash into treasured memorials for slain officer

May 17, 2017

The Richmond Register

RICHMOND, KY – Through their incredible generosity and compassion, third graders at Glenn Marshall Elementary used the focus of their Leader in Me service project to recycle used plastic and pay tribute to a fallen community hero. After months of gathering plastic for recycling and raising $2,300, nine benches memorializing Officer Daniel Ellis were delivered to various Richmond locations. The thoughtfulness and dedication of the students is a perfect example of their leadership skills taking effect inside and outside of their school.

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Straub students show support for KYGMC

May 15, 2017

The Ledger Independent

MAYSVILLE, KY – The Leader in Me process at Straub Elementary has triggered a desire to give back and facilitated the learning of biology and human anatomy. After holding a bake sale, Straub second graders presented a check for $400 to the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center where they recently learned how blood flowed through the human body. They even got a hands-on experience by dissecting the heart of a sheep. This experience provided the students an opportunity to own their education and make a great contribution to their community.

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