Bullying In Schools

Leader in Me and Bullying in Schools

One of the toughest challenges our students face at school is bullying. Despite increased efforts to monitor students and create safe environments, bullying is always present. It is becoming increasingly clear that a proactive approach will create the best results. If a school doesn’t teach students how to interact and get along with one another, then change rarely takes place.

Leader in Me teaches young students to interact successfully, show respect, develop a level of tolerance for differences, and treat each other fairly—skills needed to create a climate in schools where bullying is less common.

How Does Leader in Me Combat Bullying?

Leader in Me Schools begin with staff, and then with students. They develop a staff that believes in their students, cares for their students' well-being, and strives to uplift and inspire them each and every day. Educators lay the groundwork for a great school culture. As students interact with teachers who demonstrate respectful behavior, a ripple effect takes place within the school, and students begin to follow the example of their teachers and show more respect to their peers.

Leader in Me also deliberately focuses on developing student competencies such as teamwork, responsibility, collaboration, goal setting, and leadership. When these skills are integrated into the academic curriculum (not used as an isolated program), students embrace and implement these life skills. The skills become embedded in the culture of the school. Not only can this reduce bullying in schools, but it gives students a great foundation for future relationships.

Leader in Me Schools pursue providing their staff and students opportunities to lead certain aspects of the school. When the principal involves the staff and students in the direction, activities, and decisions of the school, both staff and students feel a greater commitment to improve the quality and performance of the school. Leader in Me proactively addresses school culture, and thereby reduces bullying.