Foundation kicks off campaign at gala

May 11, 2017

Grosse Pointe News

GROSSE POINTE, MI – The Grosse Pointe community came together recently at a fund-raising gala they believe will better their community. The gala’s purpose was to raise money to help fund the implementation of the Leader in Me throughout the entire Grosse Pointe Public School System. Two students from Leader in Me schools spoke in front of the VIP group to express the many ways that the Leader in Me has helped them become leaders at school, at home and in the community.

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Congress, Wenzel present ‘Spring Sing’

May 11, 2017

Scott Elementary School program aims to bring leadership qualities out of every student

May 10, 2017

The Greeley Tribune

GREELEY, CO – You’ve all got a little leader in you. This is the encouraging message Scott Elementary School teachers and administrators are sending to students in the first year of participating in the Leader in Me. The school recently held its Leadership Day where students demonstrate the leadership skills they have learned at school. Principal Ryan McDougal has examples of students improving thanks to the Leader in Me. He kindly spoke of a fifth-grader at his school and said, “He was one of our shyest and most introverted kids in fourth grade. To see him stand up there, tall and proud, and be able to speak in front of an audience of not only his peers, but adults, it was amazing.”

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School holds first Lead Day, part of Leader in Me program

May 10, 2017

Daily Mountain Eagle

JASPER, AL – Sumiton Middle School just had its first Lead Day event, which allows students to demonstrate their new-found leadership skills that they have learned in school. During the program, one of the speakers, Ilene Black, gladly donated $1,000 to help the school continue the Leader in Me process.

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5-year-old superhero feeds the hungry

May 10, 2017

Tri-County Times

FENTON, MI – Holly Elementary Young Fives student, Liam Senton, is Super Can Man. He becomes this superhero while trying to raise money and organize a food drive for the Eastern Michigan Food Bank. He has already received $241 and almost 300 cans of food. His goal is to raise $1,250 for the food bank. Michelle Senton, Liam’s mom, believes that her son’s spark to “can hunger” comes from participating in The Leader in Me process at school. To enforce her point, she said, “How many 5-year-olds do you know who are excited for a food drive and to be a leader? … He’s really going out of his way to lead the charge in this and I think it’s fantastic.”

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Students Show Off What They’ve Learned

May 10, 2017

Review Times

FOSTORIA, OH – Students at Longfellow and Riley elementary schools have been growing as students and leaders this past year through the implementation of the Leader in Me process. Their recent leadership event demonstrated the many things they have accomplished throughout the year. Through the establishing of clubs, tracking data on their way to achieving their goals and leading their own learning, students and staff have seen great progress this school year.

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Modesto school models seven habits of highly effective children

May 7, 2017

The Modesto Bee

MODESTO, CA – Mary Ann Sanders Elementary School held its Leadership Day to demonstrate what students are learning in school. Students shared their favorite leadership skills that they are learning from the Leader in Me process. Fifth-grader Elliana Gaskins said that her favorite is “Put first things first.” She explained, “At home, I do my homework first, then I go to play.”

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South Newton Elementary celebrates 3rd Leadership Day

May 5, 2017

NEWTON, NC – South Newton Elementary School students demonstrated their leadership skills to parents and the community at the school’s Leadership Day. This is the third year the school has held this event and has participated in The Leader in Me process. Third-grade teacher Sara McCall said, “The habits have helped my kids by giving them responsibility and a purpose to come to school, other than just to learn.”

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Hollis Grade School in Peoria County leads the way

May 4, 2017

Journal Star

PEORIA, IL – By using the goal setting principles from the Leader in Me process, Hollis Grade School has scored an average of 87 percent on Accelerated Reader tests, which has been the school’s goal this past year. Hollis’ focus on creating a culture of leadership and the tremendous results they have produced have earned them Lighthouse Status, the highest achievement for a school implementing the Leader in Me.

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A plea to the school board

May 3, 2017

Atmore News

COLUMBIA, SC – A.C. Moore teacher Anna Tingle presented this plea to the Escambia County Board of Education on April 27. She spoke out against closing down the school and told of the students’ accomplishments as they have used The Leader in Me process. “The ACM student body shows tremendous academic growth each year on standardized tests and more importantly is showing great student strides in productive character, self-confidence, and self-worth through The Leader In Me Program,” Tingle said. “The Leader In Me Program allows our students opportunities that they otherwise may never have a chance to experience.”

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UCMS hosts student leadership day

May 2, 2017

The Gleaner

MORGANFIELD, KY – Union County Middle School students demonstrated their leadership skills at the school’s Leadership Day. The school was recently named a Leader in Me Lighthouse School and is the first school in Kentucky to achieve this status. Sixth-grader Mallory Hassell described what she thinks about the program. She said, “Being a Leader in Me School is not being a boss, but helping each other to be successful in all that we do.”

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Spring Garden School achieves lofty status

Apr 30, 2017

The Morning Call

ALLENTOWN, PA – Spring Garden Elementary School has become the first Leader in Me Lighthouse School in Pennsylvania. This is quite an accomplishment considering that by the end of 2017, there will be 38 elementary schools and 2 middle schools in the state implementing The Leader in Me.

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Tuttle Elementary hosts inaugural Leadership Day

Apr 29, 2017

MAIDEN, NC – Tuttle Elementary School held its first Leadership Day where students demonstrated to parents and community members the leadership skills they are learning at school. Teachers say they are seeing good changes in their students as they implement the Leader in Me process. Sixth-grade teacher Julie Young said, “We've done a lot about relationships and building connections and working on their whole self. It really has been developing who they are as a person.”

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School earns honor in ‘Leader in Me’ program

Apr 26, 2017

Tuscaloosa News

TUSCALOOSA, AL – Jeff and Kathleen Taylor, co-owners of Sweet T’s Bakery and winners of Food Network’s “Cake Wars” competition, presented a lighthouse-shaped cake to Faucett-Vestavia Elementary. The cake was to honor the school on its accomplishment in being named a Leader in Me Lighthouse School. The Leader in Me process teaches students leadership skills and helps them learn to be goal-oriented. Jeff Taylor said, “Those habits don’t just apply to school, it can apply to any field of work.”

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MCIS presents Leadership night

Apr 25, 2017

The Ledger Independent

MAYSVILLE, KY – Mason County Intermediate School held its Leader in Me Leadership Night to demonstrate what students have been learning from the process. Students gave presentations based on projects and topics that they chose to put together. This way they were able to really enjoy the project and have fun learning.

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SCS to focus on ‘development of the total child’

Apr 24, 2017

Shelby County Reporter

NORTH SHELBY, AL – Shelby County Schools are concentrating on the development of the whole child in their schools. The school system is highly rated with a 95 percent graduation rate. Elvin Hill Elementary School is a Leader in Me School that is helping students be successful leaders. Mayor Mark Hall said, “Successful schools are the forefront of every successful city.”

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Community leaders celebrate student leaders at Payson school

Apr 17, 2017

Daily Herald

PAYSON, UT – Kevin Johnson, Mountain View Hospital CEO, arrived at Barnett Elementary in a helicopter to see what the students had been learning about leadership. Coming in by helicopter was a way that he wanted to thank the students for inviting him and other community leaders to the school. Johnson was amazed as the students demonstrated their leadership skills as part of The Leader in Me process. He said, “I never anticipated how floored I would be by what they are doing at this school. The program they are doing is just amazing.”

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Valley named a Leader in Me Lighthouse School

Apr 17, 2017

Daily Journal Online

CALEDONIA, MO – Valley R-6 Elementary School has been certified as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School and is the first rural school in Missouri to achieve this milestone. Schools who achieve the Lighthouse Milestone are great examples of a strong leadership model, process, and of what it means to be a Leader in Me school.”

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Cox Middle School refuses to give up, makes progress with ‘Leader in Me’

Apr 15, 2017

The Columbia Daily Herald

COLUMBIA, TN – Principal of Cox Middle School, Dr. Tim Webb, has turned the school around since taking over two years ago. Students were always finding ways to get in trouble, but students have new, positive attitudes. This success comes largely in part thanks to implementation of The Leader in Me. Eighth-grader Asontiajia Walker said, “Last year, I’m not sure if there was a purpose in coming to school, other than seeing your friends. This year, there is a purpose — learning and being a leader.”

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Tharrington teaching Global Leaders

Apr 13, 2017

The Mount Airy News

Mount Airy, NC – B.H. Tharrington Primary School opened its doors to visitors to demonstrate what students had learned about specific countries around the world. After talking to schools in other countries about foreign cultures, students compiled their presentations for the day. B.H Tharrington participates in The Leader in Me, which teaches young people to embrace and learn from the differences of others.

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